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Historic/ Nature Interpertation Personnel Training


These workshops are designed to equip your historic/nature interpretation staff with local and regional historical knowledge, ideas for effective methods of interpreting that knowledge, and considerations for planning long-term historical interpertive programs as well as short term commemorative events. Utilizing extensive knowledge of eastern Americas 17th & 18th century history, the instructors of Trails Inc. guide your interpretive staff through these centuries, demonstrating numerous interpretation techniques along the way, and walking them through an event planning exercise. These techniques are applicable to, and highly effective for, the interpertation of any historical era.

These workshops grew out of two types of historical interpertation programs developed by Trails Inc. to enhance understanding of local history by the general populace. One of the programs was created to help school-teachers from elementary through high school grade levels incorporate local history into their teaching routines. The other program was created to help park personnel see how their facilities could be used, at minimal extra expense, to interpert the connections between past cultures and their environments.

The teaching of HISTORY IN THE CLASSROOM is typified by dry presentation techniques and boring repetitions of date lists. Trails Inc. decided to tackle the age-old problem of making historical training interesting for students.

HISTORY IN THE PARKS - The eastern United States is blessed with numerous state and federal parks, most of which provide outdoor recreation and nature interpertation for their visitors. Many of these parks would make excellent locations for the interpertation of local and regional history, especially as it relates to past cultural influences on the local environment and environmental influences on those cultures. Awareness of cultural and environmental history, empowers present-day peoples with the knowledge necessary to improve degraded social and environmental situations.

Trails Inc. trainers have presented our training workshops to state and federal park personnel in the mid-Atlantic region since 2004. Asked to put together a workshop for the Southeastern State Park Programmers Seminar to be held at Pine Mountain State Park in Kentucky, Trails Inc. historical interperters responded by drawing on their 50+ years of combined interpertive experience to combine the two programs previously mentioned and develop a six-hour workshop that was presented over three days of the five-day seminar. Feed-back from the attendees was very positive so Trails Inc. was asked to present the workshop again at the seminar held the following year at Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia.  We have conducted or assisted interpretive staff training workshops in Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, and West Virginia at a variety of municipal, state, and federal facilities..

The dearth of interpertation planned for the French and Indian War in the southeastern states during the 250th commemoration of one of the nations most significant formative events, was another reason Trails Inc. further developed these workshops. After providing a one-day mini-workshop to the interpertive staff of New River Gorge National River, Trails Inc. was asked to help that federal facility plan and carry out a special French and Indian War commemorative event for the National River. This effort at a federal park in West Virginia grew into a statewide effort to present local French and Indian War history to state park visitors during the seven-year commemoration of this important period. Future mini-workshops will include training state park summer park program planners and naturalists.

Trails Inc. trainers can tailor our workshops to meet the needs of your historic/nature interpretation staff. The workshops are well researched, diversely presented, and reasonably priced.

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